Rescue Rangers


It dawned on me that I’ve forgotten how I used to bring inked drawings into photoshop for coloring. I think it starts with a non-photo blue pencil. I’m going to have to pick one of those up from the store tomorrow. I don’t have the patience to wait for the colors and hold off on seeing how I stacked up to the original. So maybe the next one will be in color. Or maybe I’ll come back to this one later? I realize maybe it’s sloppy, but sometimes things go slipping through the cracks.


You have to listen to the theme song right now do it



Not much time to say much about this. You know who he is. Illudium q-38 explosive space modulator, etc. I need to assume from now on that the colors are WAY crazier than I remembered them being.






Freakazoid: [on the phone] Guess where I am. I’m at your prison. Me and my friends are gonna rescue the Douglas family and a mime and escape YOU BIG FATHEAD! FATTY FATTY CHUNKY CHUNKY LARDFACE!
Russian Security Minister: Your death will be very painful.
[hangs up]
Russian Security Minister: Notify the prison authorities. I want to deal with Freakazoid personally!
Steph: Freakazoid, you just insulted the security minister and gave him our exact location!
Roddy MacStew: What was the point, lad? What’s your plan?
Freakazoid: [thinks a moment] OK, I know you’re gonna be mad but I forgot the rest of my plan.



Freakazoid is the best.



Warner Siblings

The Animaniacs, besides the Simpsons, is the best cartoon to have ever been created. It is still hilarious. The songs, good idea bad idea, mime time, operatic burping, and so many great references that went way over my head as a kid. Long story short, I still love that show so much.


As always, here’s what they are supposed to look like. Mine might actually look more demented.


Maybe next time the drawing will look like the characters are supposed to.



This is another one that is near and dear to my heart. I LOVE Rocko’s Modern Life. I personally think it still holds up. For the uninformed, Filbert is an anxiety prone, constantly nauseous turtle who is also Rocko’s best friend and manager at the comic store.


How he is supposed to look:


I knew the character was supposed to be colorful, but dang, those are some funky colors.


Bart: Cartoon Icons from Memory

Starting today, I’m going to draw one cartoon icon from memory, everyday, for as long as I care to do so. The goal is not to make them perfect representations. Instead, I’m hoping to just keep my illustration skills sharp, and see how well I can commit to something like this. Undoubtedly, these drawings will bear little to no resemblance to the characters they are based on. And in fact, if they do, it is entirely coincidental.


I started with Bart because my life is one constant stream of Simpsons references. No doubt, the rest of the Simpsons family will appear, as well as many side characters (Definitely Poochie).

For the sake of comparison, here’s what Bart is supposed to look like:


I think I actually drew the 30 year old Estonian body double version.


Site update

I’ve moved my site off of GoDaddy, and am working on getting everything smoothed out. For now, visit¬†the Junger Media site to see my latest work and say hi!


Gadgets I need

In the category of gadgets that I absolutely must have, the Wacom Inkling is number one. I can’t even imagine all the things I could probably do with this amazing thing. And $200 is pretty reasonable for a technology that totally blows my mind.

There is a teaser trailer that Wacom made on the Gizmodo site. Check it out.